Seeds for a Better Future


“A new era is rising, and it’s touching every corner of the planet. The world urges us to change, Feel free to join our Universe, a space where safety comes first and negativity can’t sustain its space. Come with us, only together we can heal our Earth, That’s why crossing borders and climbing mountains we say: Seeds for a Better Future!”

‘Seeds for a Better Future’ is a project that arises from the urgency of going green. It portrays a utopian scenario in which the little artist that lives inside each of us can express themselves without being afraid of any judgments. A safe world, where respect for people and for Mother Earth reigns, regardless of who we are and where we live. A place where fashion has rebalanced its own system and methods, finally finding a solution in the long-term. During these times, imagination becomes a key that allows us to escape, redefining our purpose and valuing what truly matters. It allows us to see changes that others cannot, helping us to forge a path to those same changes. For many years Switch Magazine took part in the fight against climate change to protect our fragile planet, through small actions the company’s goal is to contribute in bringing a brighter future to everyone.

Over time, we adopted a series of simple shifts in order to support and boost a change:

• The magazine collaborates with niche designers – showcasing their unique creations – and small brands that prefer hand-made products to large scale productions;

• Each issue is shipped in compostable plastic packaging;

• Every day in our offices we use products that respect the environment, such as: ecological cleaners, paper tape, recycled printer paper and recycled toilet paper;

• The company avoids as much as possible paper waste;

• Switch carefully selects its resellers in order to avoid and reduce unsold inventory.

Nevertheless, to limit waste when some copies remain unsold, they are put up for sale online. Everyday choices we make have an impact, no matter how big or how small. As the emergency of climate crisis is increasing, Switch invites you to take action: any responsible decision you will take will help planting new Seeds for a Better Future.