4-Star Design Marvel on the Seaside

By Micaela Morganelli

Forte dei Marmi, known for its luxurious appeal and stunning coastal charm, now unveils its revamped jewel – the 4-star hotel Il Negresco. Sitting just steps away from the sun-kissed beaches, this exclusive destination redefines elegance and sophistication on the Versilia Riviera.

An impressive transformation has graced the 4-star haven, Il Negresco, as it opens its doors to the public for the summer season of 2023. With an air of exclusivity, the hotel showcases its renewed allure, reimagined by the visionary designer, Davide Muccinelli. This meticulous undertaking breathes modernity and contemporary flair into the spaces while preserving the essence and character that align with the vision of its owner, Dr. Aldo Grassi.

Guided by Muccinelli’s artistic signature, in partnership with Azienda Mille997, a unified stylistic conversation unfolds throughout every nook and cranny of the establishment – from communal areas to guest rooms and suites. The designer orchestrates a symphony of essential lines and sophisticated color palettes, harmoniously blending with contemporary finishes and innovative textures. Notably, the reinterpreted opaqueness of onyx, the allure of ebony, and the elegance of brass intertwine seamlessly, paying homage to the surrounding landscape through the skillful use of marble.

“The Negresco boasts a unique panorama, spanning from the seafront to the Apuan Alps. We enthusiastically embraced the task of creating refined and elegant spaces; that was the heart of the project,” Muccinelli shares. Meanwhile, Mille997 undertook the crafting and supply of prints and revolutionary laser engravings on all materials employed for Il Negresco’s revitalization.

The hotel is a sanctuary of leisure and luxury, featuring a heated hydro-massage pool. Within its embrace lies La Terrazza, a restaurant that unveils a culinary journey rooted in Tuscan tradition and the region’s gastronomic heritage. The menu offers an array of light seafood, meat dishes, and seasonal vegetables that pay homage to the local terroir.

Nestled along the scenic Lungomare of Versilia, Il Negresco stands proudly with its 4-star allure. A haven immersed in an extraordinary landscape, where architectural, historical, and cultural gems await exploration. From quaint villages nestled in valleys to perched hamlets atop the Alps, this region boasts panoramic vistas that stretch from the Cinque Terre to the Apuan Alps. The very same marbles that grace its surroundings have been harnessed in the hotel’s rejuvenation efforts.

Perched amidst 40 rooms with balconies, guests are greeted with breathtaking vistas of the shimmering sea. A sight that spans from the Cinque Terre to the Apuan Alps – the very marble-rich mountains of Northern Tuscany. This geological treasure trove adds to the grandeur of the property’s revitalization.

Beyond relaxation, Il Negresco extends its embrace to host private events, from poolside receptions to soirées within its elegant halls. An attentive and discreet staff ensures impeccable service, crafting a stay that is nothing short of unforgettable for every guest.